Wild Boar Organisation MISKET HUNTING

       Amasya is a wild boars hunting ground north of Turkey with its history for 7500 years. It has
already taken its special place in the memory of hunters with the natural beauty of its hunting
grounds and the abundance of the ferocious wild boars. By this program which we offered you, the
hunters will have the opportunity to tast new excitements and also they will meet a rich historical
environs and a cultural heritage.
      We have a team to answer to all of the expectations of the hunters. We completely assure all
the services: guide hunters, drivers, hounds, accomadation, food, transfer, guidance services and
offials procedures ( general and local permissions).
       It is the first principle of our agency to offer completely the services which we undertake from
the begin to the end of the hunting organisation.
      We offer as a packet for you all of the services relative to this organisation including in our
prices.You will notice that we took into consideration the demands of groups.
      We have clearly written our services included in our price or not and we never apply
secret price politics.
      We tried to give you some information about our working principles. We request you to have
connection with us if we were successful to create an enthusiasm for working with us.We are really
happy for the questions from you.

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